Raiders Club Staff Office

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Space Cubes™ 

Ceiling System creates a simple open plan ceiling design. The Space Cubes™ ceiling panels can be easily installed or removed, providing quick access to the ceiling plenum.

Features and Benefits 

- An open plan ceiling design with modular cell elements provides a unique seamless look to any indoor space 
- Interlocking cell elements with the Main runners and Cross runners 
- Each unit made up of aluminium alloy strip blends in with the Main runners and Cross runners 
- Easily installed and removable cell elements provides easy access to plenum above 
- Multiple cell element height options available 
- A wide range of coluors to achieve a customised e-ect 
- Individually replaceable cell elements 

Panel Dimensions W x H (mm) 

50 x 50 
75 x 75 
100 x 100 
125 x 125 
150 x 150 
180 x 180 
200 x 200 
300 x 300